Read A.R.G. on palannut -interview @ Inferno (finnish only)

Update 24.8.11
History of the band now available in english. Several videos from Jalometalli 2011 performance available at YouTube

Update 30.8.11
"Porometallin paluu" haastattelu @ Inferno 6/2011

Update 18.10.11
Porometalli puree taas @ Miasma 02/2011

Update 5.12.11
Reissues of "Entrance" and "One World without the End" with bonus material out on 22nd of February 2012.

Update 15.2.12
Haastatteluaä sekä Sue 2/2012:ssa sivulla 21.

Update 2.3.12
Interview and review of "Entrance" @, reviews of "Entrance" and "One World Without the End"@ Soundi 2/2012 and Inferno 2/2012 (finnish only)

Update 8.3.12
Review of "Entrance" and "One World without the End" @ Imperiumi (finnish only)

Update 15.3.12
Recipe of Porometallipiirakka by Tepa @ Inferno #2/2012, review of "Entrance" @ Keskisuomalainen

Update 27.3.12
"Poroja ja pässejä" -kiertueraporttia by Jari Kelloniemi ja Vesa Säkkinen

Update 16.4.15
New album coming up

Update 15.6.15
Review of "Redemption from refaim" @ Keskisuomalainen

Update 31.3.16
Gig report @ A.R.G., External – 26.3.2016 Tampere, Dog’s Home

Update 6.9.17
Split with Worthless coming up

Update 19.9.17
Gig reports from Metal Massacre 2017 by Kaaoszine and Tempelores, photogallery by Stalker-magazine