A.R.G. (Aku Raaska Group in the beginning, Ancient Rotten Graveguards later on but these days better known just by the abbreviation) is a legendary thrash metal band founded at Kuusamo, Finland in 1987. They made two 7" singles, two full length albums, one 12" EP as well as several demos after fading away in mid 90's. A.R.G. made a comeback in early 2011.

After 15+ year hiatus A.R.G. is now back to life. The first comeback gig was played at Jalometalli Winterfest, Oulu on 25th of March 2011. The lineup is the original legendary one: Tepa Karjalainen (vocals & bass), Jari Kelloniemi (guitars & vocals) and Vesa Säkkinen (guitars & vocals). The new drummer is Timo Hanhijoki (Corpset, ex-Ruaste, ex-Crystalic). Sickness will prevail again!

Guitarist Vesa Säkkinen plays currently in Anger Cell while Jari Kelloniemi is in Corpset. Tepa Karjalainen has a band called Gorem.


25.11.17 Bar15, Seinäjoki w/ Re-Armed

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